My name is Malisa and I recently turned 30 years old. I have been overweight for majority of my life and, as of recently, I just got really TIRED of being bigger than necessary. It’s like I just woke up one day and decided that I am tired of being uncomfortable on theme park rides. I am tired of my thighs seeping over into my neighbor’s seat in a theater. I am tired of having to sleep while sitting because of yet another acid reflux flare and most importantly I am just sick and TIRED of not being able to wear the clothes that I want to wear.

As I began to examine my relationship with food, I realized that there are other things in my life that I need to get rid of in order to gain the life that God intended for me to have. My younger sister Jasmine, felt the exact same way at the exact same time and we sat down to discuss our struggles and knew that there are other people in this world who are not living up to their potential and that is when to Lose to Gain was birthed.


My name is Jasmine and I am 23 years old. I have also been overweight most of my life. Food has always been something I turned to whether I am celebrating an accomplishment or if I just failed a test. I looked to food for comfort and a type of instant gratification. I knew that my view of food would only lead me down a destructive path, but I didn’t know how to change it or maybe I just didn’t want to. My relationship with food started to change when I searched for a deeper relationship with Christ. He started to reveal to me that everything I needed was found in Him and Him alone.

Malisa & Jasmine

It is our hope to inspire others to lose weight, addictions, insecurities, unhealthy emotions, toxic relationships and gain love, joy, peace, patience, hope, faith, a strong relationship with God and the confidence to live life according to God’s word and for his glory. We believe that through the strength of Jesus Christ, addictions to food, emotions and people can be broken.

Welcome to the journey of two sisters willing to lose it all to gain so much more!

*Please keep in mind that we are not medical doctors, nutritionists, fitness gurus, personal trainers or any other persons who can give professional weight loss advice. We are just two sisters who want to share our personal stories and inspire some people along the way!