Rugged Maniac 2019


So I did something waaayy outside of my comfort zone! I signed up for an obstacle race.


My coworkers talked me into doing it with them! Our team name is Mighty Microbes (we are microbiologists lol). When I first saw the text message of them asking who wanted to do it, my initial reaction was HECKS NO!! I was dead set on not doing it, but as I kept thinking about it, I knew that my NO was out of fear! My word for this year is FEARLESS, so I am consciously doing things that scare me! SOO I releuctantly said YES and signed up for the Rugged Maniac Race! It is taking place in August, so it will be here before I know it!

Hopefully this isn’t me lol!

The Obstacle Race is referred to as the Playground. “It is a 3-mile course packed with 20+ epic obstacles designed to both challenge and thrill maniacs of all fitness levels, from couch potatoes to marathoners.”


I’m definitely not a couch potato, but I am far from a marathoner!! Don’t really know how to prepare for this race. I am going just to challenge myself and try something new! It will definitely prepare me for the race I am doing in October called the Spartan Race! I can’t believe I signed up for that one either lol! But I am excited and nervous all at the same time.


Have you ever ran an obstacle race? Do you have any tips to help me prepare?


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