Jasmine: Goals for 2019


   A new year has started, so of course it is time to write down some new goals and a plan that will help me accomplish those goals!! My major goal for 2019 is to lose 30 lbs!! But since I am probably going to accomplish this goal by the halfway point of 2019, my other weight loss goal is to maintain my weight loss and tone up. So here is my plan that will help to ensure I accomplish my goals!

1.) Workout 4 X’s a week
This has been something I have wanted to do since I started my journey, but it just never seemed it happen lol. I always came up with an excuse to not get to the gym that 4th day. This year will be a little different though because instead of working out with my trainer 3 X’s a week, I will only go twice a week. So that means I will have to workout on my own the other two times a week. I HATE working out by myself lol. But I will just have to get used to it. I will probably get to a cycling class at least once a week if I can.


2.) Drink at least 80 oz. per day
I really let my water intake go down by the wayside last year. To be honest, drinking water feels like a second job lol. But this year I will make more of an effort to get all the water I need.


3.) Send all of my meals to my trainer
Ok, so one of the rules my trainer has is that we must send him a picture of all of our meals that we eat each day. I hate doing it. And to be honest a lot of times I did not send him everything because I know I shouldn’t be eating it, and I hate feeling like I am getting judged for it lol. But I know why he wants us to do it, and it really does help because a lot of times I won’t eat something I shouldn’t because I don’t want to send him a picture lol. So this year I am committing to sending my trainer a picture of everything I eat; the good and the bad!


4.) Run a 10 min. mile
I am pretty close to achieving this! Just last week, I ran a mile in 11 minutes and 30 seconds!! I’m not sure how to keep shaving time off of my run, but I will continue to push it each time I get on that treadmill.



By sticking to this plan, I should see these pounds fall off in no time!


Other goals I have for this year that have nothing to do with weight loss are:
-Reading my Bible daily!
-Paying off my student loans by the end of this year! (I am so excited about this, I will be sharing my progress with my student loan debt in a future post).
-Start saving for a home! (after student loans are done).

What are some goals you have for the new year, and how do you plan on accomplishing them?

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