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2018 has been very interesting for me. There have been many, many good times – promotion, Dubai (maybe we will write a post on this soon), new car, met many great people, etc. But it has also been a year of STRUGGLE regarding my overall health.

I hit my first major goal weight towards the beginning of the year (if you missed it, read here) and ever since, I gained some weight back and have been bouncing between 210 – 230 pounds. I would lose a lot and then gain a little or just gain and “not really care”. My fitness journey for 2018 has been rough and up until a few months ago, I just didn’t understand why.

I realized that I had let my mental health go by the wayside. I was constantly on the go and wasn’t taking the time I needed to mentally heal after disappointments, stress or just the day-to-days of life. I secretly started to hate working out, seeing my trainer’s face (hopefully he never reads this), healthy foods and ultimately myself for the repetitive cycle of losing and gaining the same weight. I started to become ungrateful for things I once enjoyed, like my job, and with the holidays approaching it was only getting worse. I have this disgusting habit of allowing the holidays to get me down. Instead of being grateful for family, friends and life, I self-sabotaged my joy by focusing on what I don’t have and believed I “deserved” by the end of the year.

After my last breakdown at my trainer’s house a few weeks ago, I knew seeing a therapist/counselor was no longer an option. I made the call with the support of Jasmine and made an appointment. The first appointment was strange to me, but it was good to speak with someone who didn’t know me and could give me insight on what I was going through and tools to overcome it. I had my second appointment this week and I feel “light” if that makes sense. The stresses of my mind have calmed down and I even enjoyed working out and making healthy food choices yesterday! I feel as if I am back in control of my mental and I know that everything (but my weight) can only go up from here!

I have to decided to continue seeing the counselor almost monthly to maintain my mental health. I encourage anyone who feels as if life has been overwhelming to seek help before it becomes too late and you’re so far down the hole that you don’t know how you will escape. After only two visits, I feel much better and I am excited about what my future holds. I believe that once your mental is in order, everything else will follow!

It’s also important to take your vitamins, get enough rest, workout, eat right and laugh to maintain your overall health. Be sure to add all of those things to your list of to-dos and let’s commit to being our overall best selves!!!

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I am a young adult from the South with a serious passion for writing. My hobbies include loving on family and friends and finding different reasons to laugh and be happy. I am a disciple of Christ and try my best to please Him in everything that I do.

10 thoughts on “Overall Health

  1. Speaking to a counselor has promotes healing and reveals hidden hurts, I am glad help is available. I know in our culture seeing or speaking to a mental health counselor is taboo, but gone should be the days where we have to keep everything in to look, act, and seem alright. Proud of you lovely lady! 2019 is going to be 🔥 💯 because it YOUR year.

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  2. Good for you to take the steps to improve you health in ALL aspects of your life. Mental health is just as important, if not more, than just your overall diet/exercise. I continue to struggle with my own negativity with myself and having an unbiased opinion from a therapist does wonders-and reminds you that you ARE NOT ALONE! Like you said, not having the right mindset will derail your efforts to reach your goals. Being able to release insecurities/negative mindset (feeling lighter) will help to get you back on track. Many blessings and continued personal growth for you for the rest of 2018 and the future!

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    1. Thank you so much, Leah! I will be praying for you in regards to you negative thoughts. You are such a beautiful person and I hope that one day you think of yourself as highly as others do around you! Many blessings and breakthroughs are to come in your life. Keep believing!!!


  3. I completely agree with Leah. It is very important to talk to someone when you need it. I am blessed to have one as well. Mental health is just as important as physical health. And you have done great this year! I’m sure it will continue next year as well!!!

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  4. My mental health has played a major role this year, and the first half of your post I can totally relate to. I did question whether therapist/counsellor was the way to go, but am trying to do this on my own for now. But do agree that talking to someone can always be a good thing. It does sound like its working well for you and I hope you keep it up and find the answers to help you through into next year. you have done great this year, long may the successes continue. xx

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    1. Therapy has been working well for me.l and I believe that it will work wonders for you once you’re ready! Thank you so much for the continued encouragement. You have also done well this year! I hope that we both continue to meet and exceed our goals in 2019!

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