Our First 5K


In April, Jasmine had the bright idea of us participating in our very first 5K… I was a tad bit nervous because I wasn’t as fit then but we both agreed that we would be ready by the time the race came around…


Well it came around in November and to be honest, I didn’t feel any more prepared than the day that I was forced to sign up. We participated in “The Great Inflatable Race” which was perfect because it was filled with just enough fun to keep me going! At the beginning of the race, there was a massive inflatable slide. To get to the top you had to climb high and by the looks of everyone that went before us, it didn’t look easy! It was a wet/muddy day because it rained the day before but we didn’t allow the mud to stop our fun! Jasmine, her co-workers and myself thankfully got up the slide and back down without any problems.



The object of the “race” is to run in between each inflatable and there were a total of approximately 10. Each inflatable came with its own challenges and they were a workout all on their own. I remember inflatables on the course very vividly – one because as I was trying to keep my balance, I fell and a kid yelled out “Hurry Up!” as I struggled to get up again. The other is memorable because Jasmine literally KICKED ME IN THE FACE! It was horrible in the moment, and I will probably never allow her to live it down, but after we scrubbed the muddy shoeprint off of my face, we continued with the course. Notice the shoe print on my left eye in the photo below:


The course ended with a slide that was taller than the first and since my legs felt like Jello, it was much harder than the first but we all got through it!

Jasmine is currently preparing for the Rugged Maniac Race. She is very ambitious and I am super proud of her. I told her that I might be there to cheer her on but I refuse to volunteer to crawl through mud… It’s just not how I roll.


Do you have any first 5K stories or care to share any of your race tips? We would love to hear from you!

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