Non-Food Rewards


  Since I am only 20 pounds away from goal weight, I have been thinking about how I will reward myself. I was supposed to reward myself once I got to 199 lbs. but I’m not sure why I never made it happen. But I will definitely be rewarding myself once I see 160 lbs!! Before I got serious on this weight loss journey, I use to reward myself with food anytime I would lose like 10 lbs (I know ridiculous lol)!!! Unfortunately, that reward would usually lead me to binge eating junk food for a whole week and gain back the weight I was rewarding myself for losing lol!! So instead of rewarding myself with food, I will reward myself with activities that I have always wanted to try or items that I want. Here is a list of my ideas that would make great non-food rewards:

1.) Horseback Riding

2.) Fashion Nova jeans

3.) Go on a Shopping Spree

4.) Buy a new workout outfit

5.) Buy a more expensive sports bra

6.) Buy a new pair of workout shoes

7.) Get a massage

8.) Book a Professional Photoshoot

9.) Buy that new electronic gadget, you have been eyeing!

Now of course I will not be rewarding myself with everything on this list, but just wanted to give some ideas for whenever you guys start thinking about rewards for yourself. As for me, I think I will reward myself with a shopping spree which includes the Fashion Nova Jeans because I really haven’t bought any new clothes since I have lost the 60 lbs. I will also possibly go horseback riding!!

What do you reward yourself with when you reach goals??

2 thoughts on “Non-Food Rewards

  1. I LOVE the idea of the pro photo shoot! What a great way to celebrate your success! And horseback riding is high on my list as well since there was a time I could not do that! Thanks for sharing. I finally bought myself my first pair of miss me jeans size “30”. So so exciting!

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