JASMINE: 9/26/18


Highest weight: 237

Current weight: 187/178.4

Total Weight Lost: 58.6 lbs!!!


R arm: 15//13.5//12.5

Waist: 37//35//32

BMI: 39.3//33.1//31.1

Body Fat: 41.6//36//33.2

It has taken me majority of this year to get out of the 180’s, but it finally happened! My goal weight for right now is 160-165 lbs. and I am soo close!! Not only am I happy about my weight going down, but look at those inches!! I am finally starting to notice a difference in my arms and my stomach!! I can’t wait to see how my body looks by the end of the year! These last 10 pounds that I have lost since my last weigh-in was really a struggle. I have not been on this journey mentally, but once I did that 2 week challenge and I finally started to lose some weight, it put the fire back in me to get it done! I was becoming too relaxed in what I was allowing myself to eat! But once I started to tell myself NO to certain foods, the weight started to drop!

Now lets talk about this before and after picture!! When I put those pics side by side I could have literally cried! When I look in the mirror I think I still see how I looked in my before picture! It boggles my mind that I have lost this much weight! At one point this was only a dream, like at one point I could only see who I am today when I closed my eyes! But now it is my reality and I am feeling truly blessed! I’m not done yet, but I am just grateful for where I am right now! This journey has shown me how to lean on God more than ever! It has taught me how to fight my flesh in more ways than one! What I have done and what I am doing now will impact my bloodline for generations to come! The system I was so used to being apart of when it came to my health has been changed forever! The cycle that I have lived in for years have been broken and it definitely was not because of me alone. God will continuously get the glory out of not only this journey, but my life!!

GOALS for October:

  • I would like to be 170 at the end of the month! I am going to try my hardest to get there, but my birthday falls in this month as well as my vacation!
  • I am going to try and eat only my home cooked meals for the month except for my birthday and my vacation at the end of the month!

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