Lose to Gain More at SunTrust Park


Last Friday, the Lose to Gain More sisters attended their first Braves game in the new SunTrust stadium. We live in Atlanta and watched the stadium being built so we were excited to finally attend (we do realize that it has been open for a while and that we were late).


We associate all sporting events with food so naturally we wanted hot dogs, nachos, burgers and cheese fries.  BUT NOT THIS TIME. Since we are both still trying to lose weight, we agreed that we would eat a snack before we got there and get a healthy meal after the game.


To be honest, it was rough not ordering food at the game because we were both extremely hungry. The smell of buttered popcorn and hot dogs hit us as soon as we entered the stadium. They even had Dippin’ Dots in little baseball caps (it was so cute) but I am happy to say that we stuck with the plan! We didn’t even buy water during the game and went to one of my favorite restaurants called Yard House afterwards.

Jasmine ordered a chipotle chicken, baja fish, and baja shrimp taco and instead of the tortilla shells she got lettuce boats! She definitely could have gotten away with getting just two, but they were very delicious and spicy!! Probably not the healthiest but she thought she was doing something with those lettuce boats lol!! 


And I reluctantly ordered a chicken caesar salad (If you have ever been to this place, you know why I really wanted a burger – they are nothing short of amazing!). This was my first time ordering a salad from here and I will do it again. I have absolutely no complaints.


Overall, we had such a good time! I had no idea that I enjoyed baseball so much! I will definitely go to a Braves game again and visit Battery Park (the area around the Braves stadium) many more times. The food was good, the vibe was nice and since they had a DJ, we danced before heading home.


It was an inexpensive activity. We purchased the $21 tickets on the third level, parking was $20 in a nearby lot (we had two walk two or three long blocks to and from the stadium) and the average price for food at the restaurant was approximately $15. So in total we spent about $40 a piece to watch a professional game and enjoy a meal (try doing that at the new Mercedes-Benz stadium where the Atlanta Falcons play). Oh and spending time with your sister is absolutely PRICELESS! Our only complaint is that you can’t ride the MARTA train all the way to the game. It would have been nice to not worry about driving AND we would have saved money on gas and parking.


So if you live in the Atlanta area or will be visiting soon during baseball season, add SunTrust Park to one of your places to visit. You won’t be disappointed!



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