Week 1 Check-In: How Did We Do?


We are currently in week 2 of the 2-Week Challenge and it’s time to check in and let you all know how well (or not) that we did during the first week. If you have stumbled along the way, it is perfectly okay. Just pick yourself back up and finish strong!


One word to describe my week 1 of the challenge is – FAIL


I cannot believe that I struggled so much because I thought that the challenge would be somewhat easy for me! I normally only drink water. I have been working out at least three times a week for almost a year and I should be able to avoid fast food for at least two weeks. I should be writing about how well I did and encouraging you all to keep pushing but I believe that my transparency will benefit you more.

To start, I had a rough week. Now, I am not looking for a pass but it was stressful around the office. By Friday, I was ready to escape the workplace and have a good time while drinking wine with my friends. Well I did just that on Friday and Sunday and didn’t remember the challenge until I was over halfway finished with both glasses!

I missed my Monday workout because my body would not get out of bed for dance class. I have scheduled workouts with my trainer every Tuesday and Thursday and I made those but I failed to get another real workout in during the week. My plan was to workout on Wednesday but I just didn’t make it.

If we don’t count the three fries that I ate from my work bestie’s Chick-fil-A bag, then this is the only part of the challenge that I stuck with! It is quite pathetic that I couldn’t completely keep the challenge. I was sad about it on Sunday but decided that I WILL NOT BE DEFEATED during week 2! It is a few days into week 2 and I am right on track! I have already worked out twice and have another personal training session scheduled for Thursday. I am also planning to work out tomorrow to make up for that day I missed last week! No matter how intense things get this week, I am sticking with my water and I am currently blind to all of the fast food restaurants that I pass on the daily.

Pray for me as I finish strong!


The first week of the challenge went pretty well!! I stuck to all of the guidelines, so I didn’t eat any fast food, I only drunk water, and I worked out 3 times last week! The hardest part for me was definitely drinking only water! I have really been craving a Gatorade, but I was able to not give in to those cravings!!

This week is going by pretty fast! I can’t believe it is Wednesday already! I have already gotten 2 workouts in, so only one more to go!! This challenge is definitely something that I needed to keep me progressing on this journey! I have been at a standstill with my weight for a minute now, so I’m glad to see the scale FINALLY moving again!!

Now tell us, How did you do during week 1? What part of the challenge was the hardest for you? We hope to hear from you and that you complete the challenge. Remember, if you stumble, just pick yourself back up again and KEEP GOING!


3 thoughts on “Week 1 Check-In: How Did We Do?

  1. I didn’t join the challenge but I did purchase a new scale today! This week has been a struggle because ince my mind was made up to eat “better”, my co-workers are bringong me Coca- colas, lunchables, fried chicken & candy!! But I’m comitted to losing weight & with your encouragement I know I will succeed!

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