How To Recover/Avoid Caffeine Withdrawal


 I hate to admit it, but when I drink coffee it must taste like candy lol! So now, I absolutely CANNOT drink coffee or I would not lose any weight because it has to have mounds of sugar and cream in order for me to even think about sipping it! Coffee and Coke can cause you to become dependent on caffeine. I know many people who can’t get their day started without a Coke. Before I became committed to this journey, I believed I could not eat dinner without a Coke and we all know how much sugar is added to that! If you are on this two week challenge with us and you are experiencing caffeine withdrawal symptoms or you just want to stop your dependence on caffeine, here are a few tips!!200

How to recover from Caffeine Withdrawals:

The most common symptoms of caffeine withdrawal are headaches, fatigue, irritability, drowsiness.

  • Take pain relievers (if you are trying to stop caffeine cold turkey avoid pain relievers such as Excedrin because it includes caffeine).
  • Get enough sleep (combats fatigue and grogginess).
  • Drink Water (helps to relieve headaches)
  • Workout (naturally gives a boost of energy first thing in the morning)

If you are just trying to stop your dependence on caffeine, but not stopping caffeine altogether, the best thing to stop caffeine withdrawal symptoms is to get more caffeine!! I know that’s crazy right! 


  How To avoid Caffeine Withdrawals:

If you noticed that you are dependent on caffeine and you want to avoid caffeine withdrawal symptoms all together, the best thing to do is slowly decrease your caffeine intake. This ensures that your body gets used to not having caffeine instead of just stopping cold turkey! So for example, if you are used to drinking 3 cups of coffee per day, drop it down to 2 cups per day and then eventually no coffee! You could also try reducing the caffeine content by switching to half caf, then to tea and then finally switching to decaf coffee!!


Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think drinking coffee or coke is just awful. I just hate being dependent on ANYTHING (except God of course)! And if you are on this weight loss journey with us, it can definitely hinder your progress; not due to the coffee in general, but definitely because of what is added to it (sugar, creamer). But if you can do without sugar or creamer in your coffee, black coffee has many health benefits!

6 thoughts on “How To Recover/Avoid Caffeine Withdrawal

    1. Yea you’re right!! I was just trying to convey slowly decreasing caffeine intake in order to avoid having caffeine withdrawal symptoms like when you stop cold turkey! Caffeine is definitely in tea but not nearly as much as coffee! Thanks for commenting!! 🤗

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      1. I was just going by the recommendation to switch after you have weaned yourself to decaf. By that point, unless you are looking at non-caffeinated teas, there would be no point, and it would not be beneficial if you are looking to eliminate caffeine.

        I drink coffee (black or with a touch of cream, and usually only one cup per day) during the work week, and tea in the evening and on weekends. I have always tried to keep my caffeine intake lower due to heart issues.

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