A Quick Guide to a Healthy & Happy 4th of July

Workout if You Can

This morning Jasmine and I were able to get a good workout in before Jasmine heads off to work and I begin cooking for the holiday. If your trainer is not as amazing as ours or if your gym is not open, try to get in a run/walk before the day’s festivities begin!

Play with the Children

Hopefully you have a few children (or adults who act like children) who you can play with today. Children will have you working out without you even realizing it and it’s a great way to keep yourself young!

Choose One Carb

Now this is hard for me and I am not 100% sure if I will stick with it BUT I will give it a try and you should too. For me, carbs (specifically sweets) are my weakness. If you can, choose to eat your favorite carb instead of everything at the cookout. For example, if you eat mac and cheese, skip the dessert. If you rather have the dessert, skip the dinner roll. It’s all about balance which I am still learning!

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Today in Geogia it is HOT! Almost 90 degrees. It is important for us to hydrate so that our bodies do not overheat and filling up on water will help you feel full and eat less.

We hope that you enjoy your day and wake up tomorrow with no health journey regrets!

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