30 Day Challenge: 2 Week Recap


I can’t believe the challenge is halfway over!! Just wanted to update you guys on how it has been going so far and what I have been eating!!




Week 1 Meal Plan:

Breakfast: eggs w/ avocado; overnight oats
Lunch: Taco salad w/ ground turkey
Dinner: Shrimp and broccoli
Snacks: apples w/peanut butter; clementines; bananas



Week 2 Meal Plan:

Breakfast: eggs w/ avocado; overnight oats
Lunch: Chicken Salad
Dinner: Honey Garlic Salmon and green beans
Snacks: Grapefruit; smart popcorn; bananas; apples



So this challenge has been going pretty good; I have not been on plan 100%, but I will grade myself with a 96% for these two weeks, which is awesome coming from how I was eating before I started this challenge! I am going to a conference later on this week called Pinky Promise, it is my second year going. Last year I was not on my weight loss journey when I went to this 3 day conference, so there was A LOT of eating out that took place!! But this year, I plan on doing things a lot differently. I already have my meals planned out for those three days and I am praying that I will stick to it!! I am at the halfway point and I am excited to see my final weight after these 30 days are complete!


Did you miss my last post? Click here to catch up!! And if you haven’t followed our Instagram page yet, we would love for you to join the Lose To Gain More family over there as well!


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