Foods I Recently “Discovered”

Discovered Foods

Since beginning my health journey, I have been exploring “new” foods that I would have never eaten before. Now, don’t  judge me. I am sure that many of you have been eating many of these foods since you were toddlers but they are all new to me. As someone who has always HATED trying new things, I am currently giving myself several pats on the back.

I just started eating mangoes a few years ago. They have since taken the place of strawberries in my life because they are sweet and I love the texture. I know this may sound crazy but the texture reminds me of meat! Jasmine has already told me how crazy I sound for saying this but it is true! On my vegetarian days, mangoes kill my chicken cravings!

Why did I just learn about this sweet goodness a little over a year ago? Since “discovering” agave, I have used it to sweeten my oatmeal, sweet potatoes and anything else that needs a sweet kick.

I am still not a huge fan of tomatoes but since being introduced to tomatoes on a vine a few months ago, I have been in love. They have a sweeter taste than any other tomato I have tasted and I have since added them to my grocery list for my salads.

The same person who introduced me to tomatoes on a vine turned my taste buds towards avocado. I have had guacamole several times before but it always made me gag. Her guacamole left me asking for more! Jasmine makes a great guacamole as well… maybe she can post the recipe soon. Jasmine also told me to try avocado with eggs and even though it sounded disgusting to me at first, I must admit that I enjoy the combination.

I remember tasting carrots as a child and vowing to never eat them again. Now, it feels as if something is missing if I don’t have any on my salad. I haven’t gotten to the point where I can eat them straight from the bag, but I do enjoy them with other foods.

These nuts have recently taken the place of almonds for me. Their flavor also kicks my meat cravings and I eat them almost everyday!

Do you have any foods that you recently “discovered”? Please share them in the comments. I can’t be the only one out here trying new foods like an infant 🙂

We recently shared our recipe for walnut brownies. They are delicious and do not require baking. If you missed it, click here

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I am a young adult from the South with a serious passion for writing. My hobbies include loving on family and friends and finding different reasons to laugh and be happy. I am a disciple of Christ and try my best to please Him in everything that I do.

8 thoughts on “Foods I Recently “Discovered”

  1. I discovered Agave after having your smoothie! It gives the right amount of sweetness! Trying new things is foreign but when you step out your comfort zone and try it you find out you like it!

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  2. Great post it’s so funny because Mangoes have that same effect on me I love them. I eat a ton of avocado but I really don’t like the taste I just put them in my green smoothies because they are amazing as far as macros and healthy fat and they make the texture in my smoothie smoother but I can’t eat one by itself and I don’t do guac. I’d say the other thing I eat now that I never touched before was Chia seed I put those in my smoothie as well but I dig them. Have a great day and keep on finding new things you like because that will only help to keep you on track!

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    1. Thanks Alexx!!! I am glad that I am not alone with the mangoes. I have an entire package of chia seeds in my pantry and just can’t seem to eat them. I don’t like the consistency but put it in my smoothies every now and then. I never heard of avocados in smoothies. I may try that soon. Thanks for sharing!!!

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  3. Ahh yeah I really only use them if they are in a smoothie I’m not a fan of avocados at all but they are so good for us and I promise you don’t even taste them in a smoothie if you put other greens in there.


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