JASMINE: 3/14/18


Highest weight: 237

Current weight: 187



R arm: 15//13.5

Waist: 37//35

BMI: 39.3//33.1

Body Fat: 41.6//36

It’s my first weigh-in of 2018!! I have been 187 lbs. for the past month because the month of February was trash eating wise! Click here if you missed my last post about  February. To be honest, I should be really ecstatic about my weight because the way I was eating, I probably should have gained 10 pounds. But since I was consistent with my workouts the whole month of February, my body gave me a little break! But starting today, I am back on it!



I can’t believe that I am officially 50 lbs. down!! I have about 30-40 more lbs. to lose, but I am just going to focus on losing 1-2 lbs. per week!! Because if I focus on how much further I have to go, I tend to get frustrated and feel like giving up, but I am over halfway through my weight loss journey, and I am ecstatic about it!!


GOALS for this month:

  • Work out 4 times per week
  • Lose 6-8 lbs.
  • No late-night snacking

10 thoughts on “JASMINE: 3/14/18

  1. Amazing girl! Well done 🙂
    Love the whole focus on 1-2lbs at a time, and not the end total. I can’t wait till I’m at that half way mark or just over! Think I’ve got another 7-10lbs before I get to that! But onwards & downwards. Feeling you on the February… mine wasn’t so great either. But March, we’re back on it! We got this!!!
    Looking forward to seeing how you get on! Xx

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