Malisa: I Gained 5 Pounds


I gained 5 pounds!

I wish that I could write that I have no idea how this happened but that would be a lie… a complete lie. I ate very strict in January and only ate raw, vegan foods. Once February 1st hit, I was over it, ready to eat everything in sight. Since February 1 I have eaten chicken wings, doughnuts, a burger, fries, basically anything that will help you gain weight.

Today it is over, I refuse to gain another pound because it is not good for me and ultimately the Lord is not pleased. I have not been eating the right foods to fuel my body and I have been struggling during my sessions with my trainer. I have also been over eating. Not much but still doing it nonetheless. Like taking a few extra bites when I KNOW that my body has had enough or getting dessert when there wasn’t anywhere for it to fit!

Dissapearing Doughnut

I have made a choice to get back on my healthy journey. I have fallen but I won’t stay there. I am praying for a renewed heart and mind and to be more focused in the area of eating and exercising. God has already given me the tools that I need to succeed but it is up to me to use them and sprint towards my victory!

Pray for me saints as I lose this 5 pounds and push past my first major weight loss goal AGAIN!

Before I gained this weight, I broke a plateau! Read about it here


6 thoughts on “Malisa: I Gained 5 Pounds

  1. Overall your journey was/is successful and evident . 5 pounds don’t mean regression but I know it’s disheartening to see that on the scale.. I know you will overcome those five pounds like nothing!!

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    1. Thank you! I tried those type of apps before and they just didn’t work for me. I would always forget to enter the foods each day. I am back on it as of today so keep your fingers crossed and pray that I stick with it!

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