Plateaus are Real


Plateaus are HORRIBLE!

I am writing this after a full-blown melt down about waking up to 200.something pounds yet another day. It has been almost two weeks and the scale has not budged. Upset is an understatement. I have been working out extremely hard and eating healthier than I ever have and yet my weight is staying the same.

Below is recent footage of me seeing 200.something on my scale for the 7th day in a row:

The last time I was in the gym heavy (approximately 5 years ago), I hit a minor plateau at 227 pounds. I say minor because I gave up after a few days. I thought that I somehow messed up my body and that I was going to be 227 forever (true story). My logic then, as stupid as this sounds now, was I am not going to continue to eat grass and workout until I am numb if the scale is not going to move… so I ran back to the candy and brownies that I was used to.

I feel the same anxiety that I felt 5 years ago, today, but this time I refuse to revert to my old ways and I am going to keep pushing. I am not sure if it is because I am older and wiser or if I know how giving up on myself turns out in the end but I have decided (like 10 minutes ago) that I cannot give up again. Giving up on myself is what made me gain all of my weight back and then some the last time. Giving up on myself is what made me buy my first size 22 pants – and I am NEVER buying tht size again! Giving up on myself is what made me exist instead of live and I REFUSE to go back to being that insecure, severely overweight woman again!!!

Even though I am frustrated and would rather go home and wrap up in my bed with a box of tissues instead of work out, I WILL TRAIN!!!

I will continue to make healthy food choices that fuel my body and continue to encourage others through my accomplishments. Losing weight can be HARD at times, especially when you know that you are doing everything right but your body won’t cooperate.

This is Malisa, promising to myself that I will never allow another plateau to keep me from my next goal. Yes. It will be frustrating, hard and just plain annoying but I will continue to push. I hope that you do the same!

*Update – After writing this I went to my trainer for my usual session and he encouraged me to walk an additional 2 miles once my session was over. Even though I didn’t want to, I did it and broke through my plateau the next morning!

*Additional Update – I wrote this two weeks ago but decided to still post it in hopes that it would encourage someone else. I have since gained weight and will write about that soon. I never truly understood the meaning of weight loss “journey” until now!

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8 thoughts on “Plateaus are Real

    1. Thanks so much!!! I like food so fasting is not one of my favorites 😂. I did do some intermittent fasting to try and break the fast. I guess it helped. What type of fasting do you do?


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