Rough Week


     My eating habits this week have been OUT OF CONTROL, you hear me!? I have eaten more junk and fast food this past week (maybe a week and a half) than I have for the past two months! If you recall my post JUST SAY NO (click here of you missed it) back in December, I shared how I was saying no to all those late-night snacks, my sweet tooth, and saying no to not working out 4 X’s a week, or not reading my bible daily. The month of December was probably my best month in weight loss for 2017 because I actually stuck to the goals I set for myself. Then in the month of January, my church went on our yearly corporate fast. So, for two months straight, I didn’t have any fast food or unhealthy snacks!! My sister and I made a plan that once we were off this fast, we were going to have one cheat meal per month. The first Saturday of every month, we would pick any restaurant we wanted to eat at and for one meal not worry about the calories AT ALL! Okay so fast forward through January and February hit, our first cheat meal of the year was A-Town wings (lemon pepper wings and fries) and I thought, “Okay, I can eat healthy until March, this is no problem!


   Boy was I wrong!! I was able to eat well for one week after the cheat meal and then I noticed I started to get relaxed with telling myself no to things. I started to grab a small bag of potato chips after I got off work instead of grabbing the clementines I have been going for lately. Then next thing I know, I am in line a Twisted Taco during my lunch break (idk how I ended up there lol) and then on top of that I ordered potato wedges on the side! The next day I ended up getting Wendy’s after I got off work! This past weekend I tried Duck Donuts (OMG they were amazing) for the first time and then I had Willy’s right after that! So, I explained all of this to say, I had a ROUGH WEEK!! And to be honest I am disappointed in myself when look back on it!


    But the thing that upset me the most was the fact that, THE FOOD WASN’T EVEN THAT GOOD!! Like the A-Town Wings didn’t do it for me at all. I used to get a Zaxby’s salad multiple times a week before I went on that fast in January and now that chicken doesn’t even sit in my stomach right (my guess is because I think it is processed)! The Wendy’s meal was alright I guess. Everything was just subpar! So, I decided to have NO discipline this week and eat whatever my heart/emotions desired and I have nothing to show for it, but weight gain. The food could have at least been good man lol, I could have accepted this weight gain a little better! Food used to bring me comfort. Whenever I was sad or angry about something, food was always there to cheer me up, at least for that moment. But now this weight loss journey is teaching me how to actually deal with my emotions in a healthy manner (like reading my Bible). So maybe those fast foods were never that good. Maybe I was just dependent on that instant gratification of a full stomach to get me through hard times. Now, I am aiming to be healthy, not just physically, but spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically!

   Something good came out of this rough week, I now realize that my appetite is changing! Things that I thought I needed before to help me deal with life, I can do without. In this weight loss journey, I have lost my dependency on food, and gained a dependency on God! Man, that feels good to say!

In your weight loss journey, what are some things (no matter how small) that you have noticed that you no longer need that you once felt like you could not live without?

As always, thanks for reading and I can’t wait to hear from you!!

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5 thoughts on “Rough Week

  1. That’s great that your appetite has changed for the better.
    Yeah, my system can’t process fast food so I usually just stay away from it (other than one breakfast a week at McDonald’s (an egg McMuffin with just the egg and muffin and nothing else).
    I wish you great luck!

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  2. I really loved this post! Thank you so very much for sharing. it’s so funny I found myself having a bowl of chips to one day last week and I was like what am I doing?lol. I think for me Mcdonalds was one of those places that I couldn’t live without for too long. I’m telling you I remember buying a double quarter pounder meal super-sized and then getting a whole additional double cheeseburger meal! it was crazy but I was Those days are long gone and it’s crazy but the truth is I haven’t been to McDonald’s in like a year and a half. Thank you for this article because it gets really tough so it’s great to get the same stories from other people who are going thru the struggle. Have a great day.

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