How to Handle Valentine’s Day While Single

Single Valentines

Today is Valentine’s Day!!!

This is a day for couples to show one another their love and appreciation. For some singles, it can be a hard day to handle. Trust me, I have been there – wishing I was in a relationship and just counting each Valentine’s Day as they came and left. Well, this is the 6th Valentine’s Day that I am single. It sounds crazy when I write it out, but it is true!

By now, I should be considered an Executive Single. I have made it to the height of my singleness. You can’t get any more single than I am RIGHT NOW. If you need advice on living this single life, just call me. I have all of the T-shirts, written books and given webinars about this single life (okay, not really) but I do know a thing or two about pushing past lonely days and (on most days) enjoying every ounce of my “single season”.

Here are 4 tips below:

First. Re-shift your thinking. This day is about love, not necessarily romantic love. Being one of my mother’s valentines each year has taught me this. This day celebrates ALL LOVE, love for yourself, family, friends, and life. Don’t fall for the “commercialization” of this holiday and let the day pass you by without loving on yourself and others.


Second. If you want it, do it for yourself! Do not be afraid to make yourself happy on this day! If you want flowers, buy your own (I used to buy myself an orchid every year. Maybe I should start doing this again.). Go get a pedicure or massage, go shopping, or dine at a fancy new restaurant. You have the ability to do whatever you want for yourself. Don’t be fooled into believing that you have to sit around and wait for someone to do things for you!


Third. Plan an activity that you enjoy! Go hiking, spend time with an elderly family member (Oh I wish I could do this today!), volunteer, throw a party, attend a party, make a 7-course meal, go to the gym, or just watch your favorite movies. Spend time laughing at old photos or sip on your favorite wine all night long. If you are feeling some type of way about this day just do something to keep your mind busy! The day will be over before you know it.


Fourth. Remember that you are still amazing even though you spent this day without a significant other. You are special, beautiful/handsome, creative, and talented and your future spouse just needs more time to prepare for you. The enemy will try to use this day to make you feel insignificant and unloved. As we know, he is a trickster and he lies for fun. You are loved more than you know. Don’t ever forget that!


Whatever you do, enjoy this day!

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I am a young adult from the South with a serious passion for writing. My hobbies include loving on family and friends and finding different reasons to laugh and be happy. I am a disciple of Christ and try my best to please Him in everything that I do.

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