The Journey is Beautiful


Before I got serious with my weight loss journey, I would sit and swipe through 100’s of before and after pics on the internet. I would do this hoping that it would give me some type of motivation or inspiration to start my own journey and actually stick to it. Now that I have finally become consistent with my weight loss, I can now see how misleading before and after pictures can be. It skips over the most important part…the journey! Seeing how someone looked before and then how they changed doesn’t show their struggles, it doesn’t show their perseverance, consistency or determination. It doesn’t convey if their journey just consisted of quick fixes and fad diets or if it was a long journey where their mindset with food actually changed. To me, those things really matter!

Now I am not saying that before and after pictures are not needed, because they are imperative on this weight loss journey. Sometimes when the scale doesn’t move, it’s nice to see a before picture and notice the differences, no matter how small. But I am saying that the end goal is important, but how you got there says it all.

That is one of the many reasons Malisa and I wanted to start this blog, to show our perseverance even when we wanted to give up and eat everything and anything we could. We wanted to show our mess ups, so that people could see that no journey is perfect. As long as we keep trying, our small steps will lead us to the weight loss we wish to see. Has it been easy? HECK NO, but it has been so worth it! I have learned so much about myself these past 5 months. I have more discipline than I thought, and that is a good feeling to have, when food and your emotions have controlled you for most of your life. No longer do I run to food when my emotions are all out of whack, I go to my Bible first! Just because I STILL hate working out, that is no longer an excuse not to do it (my next article will be about STILL hating to exercise lol)!

So I just wanted to encourage any and everyone that is on this weight loss journey to continue to look forward to the end result, because that is what will propel you forward, but learn how to enjoy the ride until you get there! It is okay to mess up and get off course for a little bit, as long as you get back on the right track immediately! Pay attention to your triggers and your down falls, and try to gain an understanding on why you have them. This will only help us in the long run! One thing I know is that this weight loss journey is hard and gruesome at times, but the journey is always beautiful!

Please feel free to share anything that you have learned along the journey, I’m sure someone could use the advice! As always, thanks for reading and we hope to hear from you!

“If only sarcasm burned calories!” I wish this was true y’all lol!

Did you miss the Perseverance > Perfection article?! Click here to learn how I persevere through this journey despite mess-ups!

9 thoughts on “The Journey is Beautiful

  1. I love your ability to speak from the heart…it’s stirring…almost a state of consciousness!

    I can see from your words that you are passionate about helping.

    I love the vibrancy…and the passion within it.

    Very human…you have a great way of presenting it.

    It’s great for somebody like me to hear your point of view.

    As a soft tissue specialist…movement analyst and elite performance coach…who runs his own clinic…fixing “broken people,” and working with professional athletes…I think it’s amazing what you are doing.

    Never forget that 99% of people wouldn’t put their hearts and soul on the line…for us all to read.

    I wish you nothing but prosperity and success

    Have an amazing day

    Mr Cleaver

    Liked by 1 person

      1. My pleasure! Always interested in others journeys…it’s inspiring and you have an amazing attitude towards it.


        Thank you for taking the time out to reply.


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