Striking out of the Comparison Game (Pt.1)

How many of us have been playing in this never-ending game of comparisons? I know I have and I am taking myself out of the game, striking out on purpose because this game just isn’t fun anymore; maybe it never was.

COMPARE: estimate, measure, or note the similarity or dissimilarity between.

I have struggled with comparing myself to others for a loonng time. I have compared how I looked or dressed, my grades, my personality and lately I have been comparing my purpose and where I am financially. Therefore, one of my many goals for 2018 is to STOP COMPARING! So, I just wanted to share some of my aha moments with you that I have come to know about comparing in hopes that anyone else struggling with it, can have a starting point to putting a stop to it in their own lives!

When I looked up the word comparison in the back of my bible, it led me to John 21. In this chapter, Jesus was explaining to Peter how he was going to die and followed it up by saying “follow me.” Peter started walking behind Jesus and saw John coming along as well and asked Jesus, “Lord, what about him?” Jesus replied, “If I want him to remain until I come, what is that to you? As for you, follow me.” Those statements hit me like a ton of bricks and I could imagine Jesus saying that to me whenever I found myself comparing and worrying about what everyone else has going on. Like what is to me?!! How does what someone else have affect me? It doesn’t! I am supposed to be following Christ, being obedient to His word and fulfilling my purpose and those things just aren’t possible if I am comparing/worried about the next person. It takes my focus off of what is truly important and to be honest, most of the time it leads me down a path of not feeling good enough, feeling like I am not doing enough. It is a distraction!

Comparing can lead us to have one of two mindsets. It can make us believe we are better than others by giving us a sense of pride or it can also make us view ourselves as lower than others which can put a damper on our self-esteem and also give a foothold to jealousy. Neither of those mindsets or views is how God views us! And as a Christian, viewing myself as God views me is important and a surefire way to combat the problem of consistently comparing ourselves to others. So how does God view us? Here are just a few scriptures that explains just that:

You are fearfully and wonderfully made. (Psalms 139:14)

You are utterly secure in me; nothing will be able to separate you from my love in Christ Jesus. (Romans 8:39)

You were created in His image. (Genesis 1:27)

He knitted you together in your mother’s womb. (Psalms 139:13)

Whenever you find yourself puffing up with pride or feeling less than because of comparing, begin to meditate on these truths! God has placed purpose in you before you were ever born and you are oh so loved!

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