Jasmine: ONEderland

At my heaviest (237) and now 198!!

Friday, December 22, 2017 is a day that I will never forget! It is the day that I stepped into ONEderland. You see, I haven’t seen the 100’s since I was in high school!! (A few years ago, I got down to 200 lbs. but I never saw 199 because I celebrated a bit too much with food lol!!) Seeing 198 on the scale was a huge shocker, because my body has been holding on to 201/202 lbs. for over a week. I have been used to losing 1-4 lbs. every week when I am eating the way I am supposed to, but it seemed no matter how good I ate, the scale did not want to budge for me and it was getting frustrating!!


On the morning of December 21st, I stepped on the scale and I was 202 lbs… I went up a pound and I was LIVID. Then I decided to suck it up and go workout with my trainer, telling myself as I was getting dressed that I have been making healthy decision and my body will release the weight in due time. Got into my car and it wouldn’t start…REALLY?!! At this point I was livid all over again because not only am I missing a workout, but my car is tripping on top of that! There were so many thoughts going on in my head. I was irritated because I should have been 199 lbs. by then, so to fix the problem, I wanted to do what any sane person would do in my position, I wanted a 4 for $4 meal deal from Wendy’s (I knooww not the best plan when you are trying to lose weight, but when I am stressed FOOD is the first thing I run to)! Luckily my sister and trainer were able to talk me off of the ledge lol and reassured me that the scale was going to move, but only if I didn’t give in to Wendy’s. Sooo instead of the 4 for $4 meal, I ate some tangerines but I was battling my thoughts that whole day like, “Just go get some Wendy’s, you won’t see 199 lbs. before January anyway”, “You should end the year eating what you want,” or things like, “You got to 200 lbs. before and never saw 199, the same thing will happen again.” I wanted to give in soooo bad, I wanted the food to bring me the same type of comfort that it brought me before I started this journey. But I prayed and found the strength to tell my thoughts NO!! This was my month of ‘Just Say No’ and it took everything out of me to keep saying no. If I don’t want my emotions controlling me any longer, I have to take control and stop letting them. I have to stop letting myself sabotage my own journey just because it gets a little hard. I think I finally took a step in the right direction in accomplishing that. So when I stepped on the scale and saw 198.8, I practically fell out because I was not expecting it!

I have a question. Why do we sabotage our own journeys? Why do we do things that we know we will regret and how do we stop ourselves from doing it?

As always thanks for reading!! And I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!!

20 thoughts on “Jasmine: ONEderland

  1. Woohoo! So happy for you!
    My weigh in day was Christmas Day and I am right at 200 lbs, so I’m right there with you! I’m trying not to overindulge this week so that I can maybe make it below 200 for January 1st. I don’t know why we sabotage ourselves, I’ve been trying harder not to do those things this time around because I know I’ll feel bad, not just physically, but psychologically, after making bad choices.
    Keep up the great work, you’re looking fantastic!

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  2. First of all congratulations for getting to onederland I’m so very proud of you. Secondly, I really appreciate you opening up about this because we all have these battles with food or anything else in our lives that we struggle with. I think the main reason we fail is we are creatures of habit and because of that when we get in certain situations we eat. I mean even when it’s a good thing like a promotion or something I would always justify eating something to celebrate. And of course when I was stressed the food was just what I did to cope. When we make the decision to change our lives and become better those old habits are just on the surface, in fact, my mother always says that if you have an addiction you always have that addiction even if you don’t act the same. For myself I know I’m a sugar and refined carb addict and when I made the decision to change I literally felt like Chris Rock in New Jack City! It was so very difficult and it still is because my sense of normal is related to food and I have to fight it on and off for the rest of my life. The important thing is once we find out what the problem is we can arm ourselves with the ammo of solutions and tools to help win those little decisions like you won with Wendy’s.lol. Great post you!

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    1. Thank you!! And yes you are soo right, we will have to fight this for the rest of our lives, but I am soo happy that we are actually in the ring fighting this time around instead of just giving in to those cravings!! But I’m praying that it will get a little easier in the future lol

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      1. Oh, I’m sure it will especially since we have each other and fellow people to lean on in times of need. I appreciate your struggle and your per it truly severance inspires other’s so don’t give up you got this!

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  3. Congrats on hitting ONEderland! How exciting! As for me, I don’t know why I self-sabotage when I do. I don’t know if it’s a worth-issue or a deserve-level issue. But I’m thankful you asked the question — makes me want to explore the answer a bit. I am excited for you and loving reading about your journey. Thank you for sharing in such an open and honest way.

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  4. Food has been the ruler of my life 100% since I can remember. There was no escaping it at least that’s what I felt! We do everything over food… let’s hang out is assuredly followed by where are we eating at? Lol🤗
    So, nothing will stop us from making bad decision but us! I know this to be true because even if we were broke, we’d dig like lost treasure to find enough change to feed that habit. Lol!!! Anywho, I’m so excited for you!!!

    Welcome to One-derland 😍

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    1. Thank you Kesha! And you are so right, when we want something, nothing can stop it lol! I guess I have to want this weight loss more than I want the comfort from the food in those moments. Thanks for reading 😊


  5. I am right there with you on the whole self sabotaging…I have no answer for it, and am constantly battling with it myself. i wish i had an answer or a resoluton to it, i really do. I am working on finding out why i do it though, yet to stop myself, but reading positive posts like this, really helps! i get so close to a goal, and when its not achieved i immediately want to turn to food. but as ive said before, reading and following your journey, is inspiring. Well done for getting to one-derland, thats amazing!! and I bet those tangerines feel so worth it now!! xx

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  6. I am sooo proud to see how hard you are working! It motivates me to put God’s principles over all the pressure from the enemy! Thanks for being transparent and using your journey as a motivation to us all! Happy New Year new Jasmine!

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    1. Aww thank you friend!! I’m sooo happy that you were able to see that from this post! I believe transparency reaches people in depths deeper than just telling advice on what to do. Happy New Year Amber, love you! Thanks for commenting!


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