Portion Control

Portion Control

I have been overeating for all of my life and it has been a constant battle trying to reteach myself how much food I should eat during meals.

I am pretty sure that I ate enough to feed at least three people during each helping and I always went back for seconds. The craziest part of all is I was in complete denial about how much I truly ate and why I  was so big.

For example, I could (and probably still can) easily eat four to five pieces of meat pizza for dinner, wake up, and eat the remaining pieces in the box for breakfast the next morning. I hardly ever eat pizza anymore but when I do, I know not to eat more than two slices and it would better if I ate one of the smallest slices in the box (I usually go for the largest slice with the most toppings) with a side salad.

I am also learning to check all labels for the correct serving size. I was amazed to learn that the appropriate serving size for Ritz crackers is five crackers, since I can easily eat an entire pack. Learning that the correct serving size for Oreos was three had me in disbelief since I used to put a minimum of nine Golden Oreos in my ice cream sundae each Sunday after dinner. Looking back, I now realize how I got and stayed so heavy for so long.

Since I am still learning how to be healthier and watch my portion sizes, I do slip up and eat more than I should from time to time. Even though I have lost 45 pounds, eating smaller portions has not gotten any easier for me. I have been over eating for over 29 years so it is not so easy to change decade’s worth of habits within a few short months.

A trick I have been practicing is drinking water before very meal. It really helps take up room in my stomach so that I am not able to eat as much food as I would like to eat.

Do you have problems with overeating? What methods do you use to try and change your habits?

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9 thoughts on “Portion Control

    1. I couldn’t agree more! Having my sister taking this journey with me has really helped. When we are together, we try our best to keep each other on track. I still struggle with overeating as well. Try to drink water before and in between each meal and it will help take up space in your stomach.

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  1. When I eat fast-food I go for the kids meal instead of the adult size. Chick-fil-A kids meal is the best option in my opinion. Be careful with the sauces try to have two minimum due to the sugar content.

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  2. Yes! I love the Chick-fil-A kids meal. It doesn’t seem like it should be enough but it does the trick every time. That’s a good point about the sauces because I have a bad habit of acting like condiments have zero calories smh.

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  3. I have found pre-planning my meals helps me a great deal. I used to eat way past my capacity of fullness honestly like it was the last meal I’d ever have. Now when I have a plan for the day I feel more secure in knowing the next meal is just a few hours away! The changes you’ve made are great – allowing yourself to still enjoy and indulge but in a moderate way is why you are winning the race! 🙂

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    1. I am still working on pre-planning my meals each week. I do notice that on the days or weeks where I don’t pre-plan my food, I do not lose any weight because I just eat whatever is convenient. My plan is to be more consistent in the new year with preparing my meals. Thank you so much for reading and commenting!


  4. For me its the psychological side of things, like now I do similar to you. I take the smallest slices if I do have pizza (a rareity here too) so even if I have 2 or 3, I’m feeling like I’m having more but size wise still way less than I used too.
    When I first started my weight loss journey back in 2010, I used to use rimless square plates. So food visually needed to fill the plate. Then I changed my plates and bought normal round ones with a rim / lip / dip / edge whatever you want to call it, and food would sit in the inner circle. Anything that went over and ‘spilled’ into the rim/border made it look like I was eating too much. Also bowls, smaller bowls, to the top, rather than bigger bowls and looks like nothing in it. Especially with cereal!
    If I go somewhere like Nando’s – not sure if you have similar over there, I always opt for a double chicken filled pitta over plain chicken and sides, and then eat it with a knife and fork. Lower calories, lower WeightWatcher points and just as if not more filling, plus not filling up on extras.
    I need to try the water before meal idea as I do struggle with my portion control alot.
    And omg, only 3 Oreos in one serving… really!? It really does put things into perspective for you doesn’t it.



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