Malisa: From a Size 22 to Size 16

Size 22                             Size 16

Yesterday Jasmine and I went to Target to kill some time before a Christmas party and she decided to try on pants to see if she went down a size. Watching her success inspired me to try on a size 16, even though I was convinced that the pants would not go above my hips. To my surprise, THE SIZE 16 FIT! I have officially gone from a size 22 to a size 16. Words cannot express the pure joy that I feel. I have not been a 16 since my early days of college and it felt really good to comfortably put on those pants! It is moments like these that remind me why I must continue to eat healthy foods and workout.

I am finally out of the 2teens and pretty close to the single digits. My weight has been up and down for over a month and that is because my diet has not been the best. I wish I could say that Thanksgiving knocked me off of my game but sadly I fell off the bandwagon WAY BEFORE Thanksgiving and at one point my weight went back up to 223 from 217. As of this morning, I am 212 and ready to see 210. With all of the Christmas parties that I have attended, my eating has been far from perfect but today starts a new work week and I am back on it!

I am excited about really buckling down after the holidays and surpassing my first major goal of 199 pounds. Please pray for me and stay tuned as I continue this journey.

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This is me in Target wearing a size 16 pants! Yes, I’m happy 🙂


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