Don’t Believe The Myth


Lifting weights has been a major part of our weight loss journey! It is a common misconception that women should not lift heavy or even lift weights at all but we are living proof that that is NOT TRUE! Most of the time spent with our trainer is spent lifting heavy weights, we are both squatting with 135 pounds on our shoulders and bench-pressing approximately 90 pounds. It has taken us months to get here but the more we lift, the more inches we lose!


When lifting weights you burn more calories. Muscle helps to burn more calories throughout the day because it boosts your metabolic rate, making your body more efficient at burning calories. The more calories you burn, the better.



Lifting weights helps women maintain or gain curves. If you do cardio alone, you cannot change the shape of your body and once you lose the weight your body will have the same shape it did when you were bigger.  You truly can (for the most part) build your perfect body. If you want a larger derriere, there are weight exercises to help you achieve that. If you are looking to flatten your tummy, yep they have weight exercises for that as well. Please do not believe the myth; you will NOT BULK UP! As women, we do not have enough testosterone to bulk up the same way that men do.


Having more muscle helps you lose more fat. According to a recent study at Tuff University, when women lift heavy weights twice a week, they lose twice as much pounds of fat compared to women who do not lift weights. This happens because while lifting weights your metabolism is able to stay elevated during and after the workout which enables you to burn more fat for several hours after the workout. When you only do cardio, your body stops burning fat right after the workout is complete.


If you don’t think you are ready to lift heavy weights, it is perfectly okay to start off by lifting your body weight. Planks, push-ups, arm raises and leg raises are great beginner exercises. As you progress, begin lifting 5-pound dumbbells and continue to work your weight up. You will be surprised how quickly your body transforms and how strong you become as you lift heavier weights.

Malisa 45 lbs. down!!
Jasmine 35 lbs. down!!!

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