Just Say NO!!





For the month of December, I am just going to SAY NO!! I am saying no to the bag of chips I seem to have every single day around 12 am. I am saying no to my sweet tooth that comes out every so often. I am saying no to my flesh, when it wants to do everything else under the sun besides read the bible. When did this happen? When did I come up with this notion that I have to give in to my cravings, or that it is even okay to? Yea, I have been disciplined when it comes to working out three times a week, but I haven’t been as disciplined as I should when it comes to eating healthy majority of the time or reading my bible every day. And that lack of discipline ends today, no like YESTERDAY!! I am so close to reaching a HUGE milestone in my weight loss journey that I don’t have room for any mess ups! Operation 199 is in full effect and it will happen by December 31st!! So here are a list of things I will be saying no to for the month of December and how I plan on accomplishing it:


I work evening shift in the microbiology lab at a hospital (2:30-11) so my eating schedule is a little different than most people. I usually eat breakfast around 9 or 10 am, dinner around 5 or 6 pm and lunch and snack somewhere between there. So my last time eating is around 6 pm so of course by the time I get off of work I am starving! Instead of packing a light snack for the ride home, I usually bust into the house (yes, literally bust into the house lol) because I feel like my stomach is starting to eat through my back and the first place I run to is the pantry. MISTAKE #1, there is nothing in our pantry that is healthy (I live with my parents, so I have no control over the unhealthy food in the house) so usually I grab a bag of chips (or maybe 3) and head to bed. I must have a plan in place in order to sustain my NO’s to late night unhealthy snacking so my plan is to pack an extra snack in my lunch box that I can eat as soon as I get off. Hopefully this new habit will stop me from busting in the house from now on lol.


Before I really started this weight loss journey, I never had a sweet tooth, I was just heavily addicted to fast food. But now that I don’t eat fast food, I have all of a sudden grown one. It is only a problem when I am starving and I have no healthy snacks ready to eat. So in order for me to keep saying no to my sweet tooth this month, I will make sure that all of my fruits are washed, cut, and portioned out so that I can just get them out of the fridge and pop it in my mouth Also, I should probably stop waiting until I am practically starving because that is when my stomach wants to takeover and I have no regard for whether I eat healthy or not.


If you have been keeping up with my weigh-ins, I have had a goal of working out 4 times a week for months now and I still have not been able to accomplish that. It’s like 4 times a week is just asking for too much in my mind, I would rather just sleep in or watch TV. But sleeping in or watching TV will not get me any closer to being 199. So for the month of December I will be working out with my trainer 3 x’s a week as usual and I will add in a cycling class every Friday for the month of December (y’all pray for me please lol).


Lately, reading my bible has not been something I wanted to do. It’s like as soon as I make up my mind to read it, I get sleepy, the show on TV seems to become a lot more interesting, or I tend to stay on social media a little longer. When I don’t read my bible, I have noticed that I start to let my emotions control my actions, instead of me controlling my emotions. When I let my emotions control me, everything gets out of sync. When this happens, I start to wonder why I can’t control my eating, why I choose to not workout. It always boils down to me not spending enough time with God by not being in his Word. The Word helps to put me at peace, and takes the focus off of me and puts it on the One that is most important.


What are some things you know you should be saying no to? Make a list of them, tape it to your mirror and start saying no whenever you feel the urge to do it! WE GOT THIS (at least I am praying I do lol)!

10 thoughts on “Just Say NO!!

  1. Great post! I’m super proud of you. What your doing takes a lot of guts! You got this for sure. I do have an idea for you; heavy whipping cream mixed with sugar- free pudding or jello is a game changer and it will certainly satisfy your sweet tooth and its fast just a pint of heavy whipping cream and a box of pudding or jello and stir, it’s amazing! keep up the great work!


  2. This post is inspiring. I promise you. Actually read this the other day and have written something in my next post regarding this… and not because you commented on my post etc. this was already written out!!
    Sounds like you’ve set yourself some great goals and i have no doubt you’ll smash it this month.
    I dont know about over the pond, but here in the UK we can get sugar free jelly (jello….?!) which i know a lot of people use as sweet fix. or soya based custard/cream products as theres no milk so less fat content etc. I dont know if that would be of any help? Or really sweet fruits…? mixed with a little flavoured yoghurt like coconut or something perhaps??

    Keep it up, cant wait to see / hear how you get on.

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  3. I love your idea of taping my no’s to my mirror. For myself I may change them to Yes’s since my word this year is YES LORD
    Your No’s mirror my own so much!!! Now is the time. Or we will be saying this for years to come with no results. So today I say; YES I will prepare and eat healthy meals and snacks. YES I will seek reading my bible first. YES I will set a work out and get off the couch goal. YES I will have victory over my crazy sweet tooth.
    So inspirational and timely, as my fibromyalgia has just become a very annoying constant thorn in my side since Oct. I read this and I was like YES she has it and I can do it too!


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