JASMINE: 11/28/17


Highest weight: 237

Current weight: 208.6


R arm: 14.2

Waist: 36

BMI: 39.2

Body Fat: 36.8

To start with I am happy that I am down 6.6 lbs. this month! BUT I could have met my 10 lb. goal if I would have made better eating choices. 2 weeks ago I got down to 205, but that was short lived lol. Two days after that I attended my first STEM career fair as the person with a career lol. And afterwards we were given Chic-fil-a for lunch. How could I have passed up FREE Chic fil a, that just isn’t a part of my DNA just yet. But I know you are probably thinking “hey, that just ONE meal, that can’t cause you to gain almost 5 lbs.” Well how my life is set up, I get one bad meal and it can easily turn into an unhealthy choice every single day for weeks to come and that is exactly what happened!! So my ONE chic fil a meal turned into two weeks of unhealthy food choices and not to mention Thanksgiving was last week!! But like I always say this is a journey and I am learning more and more about myself and my relationship with food. I didn’t reach my  10 lb. goal because of my choices but I am 6.6 lbs. lighter than I was last month. From now on I will make a conscious effort to not continue to eat unhealthy just because I did one time. ONE unhealthy meal does not have to turn into two weeks’ worth of unhealthy meals.

Another goal from last month was that I wanted to work out 4 times a week….yeeaaa that didn’t happen lol. It’s like I can only get in three days a week, anything over that I feel like I just CAN’T lol. But I will keep striving for 4 times a week. Another highlight from this past month was that I lost 1.5 inches from my waist! All of my other measurements basically stayed the same.

GOALS for next month:

  • OPERATION 199 (I will see 199 lbs. by December 31st)
  • Work out 4 times a week.


The STEM Career Fair at Brown Middle School
Malisa ande I on Thanksgiving!!

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