Thanksgiving Survival Kit


1. Eat Breakfast

In past years, we would skip breakfast to “save room” for our Thanksgiving feasts. This year we will wake up and eat breakfast, in order to not feel famished when it is time to eat and eat enough for three people. For some reason, in our minds, skipping breakfast made us feel as if we could eat extra for dinner.

2. Plan your meal

Visualize exactly what you want to eat for Thanksgiving right now. Does your plate contain mostly baked proteins and veggies? If not, it is time to edit your vision.  If your family is anything like ours, we have the same menu each year. Plan to fill up on protein and veggies and leave a little room for one treat, because it is the holidays (and we just can’t pass up a slice of our mom’s red velvet cake). Our parents are divorced, so we have two houses to visit for every holiday. So that means that we ate several full meals at each house (I mean it would be impolite not to right? Lol). This year we have planned to eat ONE meal at only ONE home. If you find yourself, house hopping this Thanksgiving and do not want to appear as rude, just make a small plate of the healthier options at each stop. In our family, we used to eat a Thanksgiving meal every day until there was nothing left but bones. Our leftovers could last up to a week. We are putting a stop to that this year, by eating one Thanksgiving meal and staying away from the leftovers unless it is turkey and some type of vegetable.

3. Drink water

Drinking multiple glasses of water throughout the day helps us feel fuller for longer periods and helps us not over indulge. We recommend a tall glass of water before starting your Thanksgiving feast and one more tall glass of water before reaching for seconds. Whatever you do SAY NO TO SODA!! It’s a shame to waste calories on beverages.

4. Do some form of activity on Thanksgiving

This will be our first year EVER working out on Thanksgiving. We have already scheduled a session with our trainer and to be quite honest we are not looking forward to it. We’re hoping that by starting the day off right, it will keep us making healthy decisions throughout the day. If you are unable to workout on Thanksgiving, it is probably a good idea to get in some form of exercise the next day. And no, running through the crowds during Black Friday shopping does not count!

We want you to enjoy the holiday season, but not let it interfere with your weight loss goals! Instead of focusing on food, make this holiday about spending quality time with the people you love the most!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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