How to Recover from a Binge


Losing weight and breaking old habits are not as easy as people who have lost massive amounts of weight make it seem. Completely overhauling your lifestyle and breaking habits that you have had for decades take discipline, and for me, many prayers! I sometimes slip back into old eating habits and, even worse, indulge in a full out binge! On certain days, I can’t stop myself from eating the whole bag of chips or just one more slice of pizza. Even though I know the consequences that junk food has on my body, I still over indulge from time to time and pay tremendously for it within the next few hours. When I wake up from a binge nap my head and stomach usually hurt and I am desperately searching for Pepto Bismol and vowing never to eat junk again! Here are a few steps that I take to get me through the self-inflicted sickness.

Drink Water – I am one of those people that believe that water can literally cure anything. You got a headache? Drink some water. You stumped your big toe? You should probably drink some water. Water not only has the power the ease headaches and heal stumped toes but it can also help ease stomach pain by removing toxins from your body, assisting with digestion and removing wastes from your body. Drinking more water than usual after a binge is sure to give your body the push it needs to normalize again!

Intermittent Fasting – Research the benefits of intermittent fasting before you try it. I am not scientific enough to explain why this helps so much (maybe Jasmine can do a post about this soon) but, for me, it does. Occasionally skipping breakfast and eating for the first time around lunch does wonders for my body. I feel lighter and have an easier time forgiving myself for a terrible night of wrong food choices. There are people who do intermittent fasting as a lifestyle but that is just not the life for me. I only do it after I eat bad or need the scale to move.

Skip the Meat – Even during a time when everyone is turning their backs on meat, I still happily enjoy meat every day. I am not against anyone and their personal food choices but as for me and my belly, we eat the meat! With that being said, I am aware that some vegetarians (depending on the foods that they eat) are generally healthier than meat eaters and when I do abstain from meat, I feel better and the pounds just melt away. Not eating meat, the day after a binge can work well for how you feel and I would recommend trying it at least once a week just to improve your overall health.

Sleep More – I am always catching up on sleep. I hardly get enough rest during the week and with workouts with the trainer on Saturdays and church on Sundays, I hardly ever catch up. Since sleep is a vital part of being healthy, it is imperative to sleep your eight hours (or more if you are deprived) after a binge. Sleep helps our bodies to regulate and just helps you feel better in general. Getting 7 to 8 hours each night is important, we should all be striving to make this a habit!

Exercise – This is probably one of the hardest things for me to do after a binge. My head, stomach and whole body are in pain and I do not feel like moving, let alone running on a treadmill! I recently ate horrible on a Friday and my Saturday morning workout was rough. I woke up with a massive headache and I wanted to cancel. I confessed my wrongdoings upon entering the gym and he made me run, despite my piercing headache, and push through the workout. I was glad he did because by the end of the workout, my headache had subsided and I felt much better.

These are just a few of my tips. Feel free to comment and let me know any of your tricks and how you regulate your body after a day of binging.

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I am a young adult from the South with a serious passion for writing. My hobbies include loving on family and friends and finding different reasons to laugh and be happy. I am a disciple of Christ and try my best to please Him in everything that I do.

4 thoughts on “How to Recover from a Binge

  1. Do you find that you binge before your period? I’m trying to see if there’s a correlation to that. I know most women crave sweets but maybe a person that is trying to eat a calorie specific diet or exercising more has that binge day before they start.

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    1. YES! When I am about to start my period I want to eat EVERYTHING. It is very hard for me to lose weight during this time and I just try my best to maintain. I personally crave sweets everyday but the cravings become more intense the closer I get to my period. I wish I had some really good advice to give you but I currently still struggle in this area. I think it is okay for us to give in to one small craving per day during this time but we should watch our serving sizes and continue to workout until the cravings pass.

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