Challenge Your Insecurities

For the past couple of months I have been trying to do things that take me out of my comfortable little box. And nothing is more uncomfortable than wearing my arms out without a cardigan or jacket on (I know it’s kind of a weird insecurity). But I have like a mini heart attack anytime my arms are out and visible to the world. I worry about how people will view me and what they would think about me.

Let me tell you how bad it used to be….. so I live in Georgia, and Georgia is known for its’ HOT and HUMID weather. Now picture a girl at the park in the summer, in the middle of the day with a jean jacket on….that was me! When I think back on it, I KNNOOWW I looked ridiculous lol. But my insecurity of my arms wouldn’t let me make sane decisions, like wearing a tank top in the summer lol! I remember one conversation I had with my step mom and sister before we got out of the car to go watch my little brother play baseball and basically they said I looked ridiculous with this jean jacket on lol, but the sad thing was I felt more ridiculous with my bare arms out, so I would rather suffer in this heat than suffer from the stares I BELIEVED I was receiving because my arms were big.

INSECURITY: uncertainty or anxiety about oneself; lack of confidence.

For me, this insecurity with my arms were based on how others would view me. I cared too much about other’s opinions. I feared their stares! But even as I write this, God continues to remind me that He did not give me the spirit of fear, but of love and a sound mind! I can’t continue to let my thoughts consume me and I won’t! I have finally started to reach a point in my life where I care less about what people think of me. Yeah my arms have a little more jiggle than most, but WHO CARES! If I can’t accept myself for who I am, how do I expect anyone else to? I am not saying that I won’t keep woring on losing fat in my arms, but I will just accept/love them through this Journey. So now when it comes to mind, I make a point to wear a tank top out, or leave the coverup behind when I wear a sundress. I am no longer hiding my flaws, but accepting the fact that I am imperfectly perfect!

So I charge you to take this insecurity challenge and make it your own! Whatever insecurities you have, try your best to face them head on. Get uncomfortable. I promise you it will be rewarding!

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