Young n’ Naive


Last week I finally decided to join LA Fitness and really get serious about working out and I was sooooo excited…maybe a little too excited (Look at that smile in that pic above). Well I finally recuperated from that process, so I guess it is time to share what I experienced lol.

So if you have never joined a LA Fitness before let me explain what happens. Once you join they advertise a free personal assessment to help you get your weight loss journey started. So I thought that would be a great opportunity to get acclimated to the new gym and get some advice about working out there. I set an appointment for the following Tuesday. Tuesday rolls around and I show up to the appointment. They start off by asking me about my goals and just life in general and then lead me into a 15 minute workout. The workout was really good and I definitely was feeling it!!! After the workout, we went back to sit down and they started talking about personal training. I had already been thinking about getting a personal trainer, so I was thinking it would be a great idea to just have one in the gym I signed up for. So here are the prices: $99 for an initiation fee, $55 per session, I was going to go once a week, so the total would be $220 per month. They pulled out the agreement (contract) and I started to sign my life away. I left happy and ready to start. My first personal training session was set for that Thursday at 9 am!! Thursday rolls around and I show up to the gym….no personal trainer. He called out for a family emergency. Of course I was bummed and started thinking this might be a bad idea. The personal trainer ended up calling me later on that day and rescheduled with me. Later on that day, that same personal trainer ended up texting me explaining how he trains outside of LA Fitness and his prices were definitely cheaper! He said I could cancel my personal training sessions at LA Fitness and get all of my money back as long as I do it within 7 days of signing the contract. It was the 3rd day so I decided to go ahead and cancel. As I started to research the process on how to cancel the PT sessions, I came across MANY horror stories of how people lost a lot of money to signing these contracts. I started to panic at this point and decided to cancel ASAP. I was one of the lucky ones because I caught it before the 7 days were up.


So for anyone wanting to sign up for personal training at LA Fitness, my advice is DON’T, but if you still want to just make sure you read the contract and understand it before signing it!! When I signed this year contract, I agreed to paying for half of the PT sessions I had left whenever I wanted to CANCEL. So say I wanted to cancel after 2 months for any reason, I would owe over $1,000 to them!! What was I even thinking to sign something like this?! Who knows what can happen a year down the line, heck who knows what can happen in one day. So whatever you learn from my mistake, the most important one is to READ your contract before signing! It is okay to say I need time to think over this decision because it can save you thousands of dollars down the line.


If you are interested in personal training, but don’t know where to start, check out this website! It asks you questions on what type of trainer you are looking for and it matches you with personal trainers in your area!!

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